Optimum Training is pleased to announce a range of unique training courses specifically catered to local Healthwatches across the country.

The courses focus on Board Governance, Community Research, Advocacy, Enter And View, Safeguarding and Data Protection training, and all can be delivered at different levels.

Useful for those groups in the early stages of setting up, the courses are aimed at trustees, staff or volunteers and can be delivered on-site.

Learners will be able to identify:

What data security is in the workplace

Good practice in team information security

Policy and Practice

Providing  Healthwatch with the information required to run a local training event for potential authorised representatives.

Topics covered include:

What is ‘Enter and View’? and the key to effective ‘Enter and View’

Qualities, conduct and behaviours of authorised representatives

‘Enter and View’ process and Effective report writing

Achieving influence through partnership

This session is aimed at candidates responsible for managing governance systems and processes.

Individual subjects covered are:

Introduction to Governance

Purpose of Governance

Good Governance

Principles Of Governance

Types of Governance

Behaviours and Key Roles

The objectives of this session will be to ensure candidates have a good understanding of the benefits of community research.

Candidates of the session will be able to identify what is the overall objective of the research, why they are collecting information/data and to who they are going to engage with.