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From IT literacy to youth work, Optimum Training offer a wide selection of training courses to aid individuals on their self-development journey and enhance their employability. Our courses can be tailored, so if you find that a course you are looking for isn’t listed please contact us and we can create a bespoke training solution that is right for you.

Accredited Course

Learn while you work or volunteer. The Level 2 will show that the candidate is able to work to a national standard of competence. The programme can be tailored to meet an individual’s/organisation’s circumstances.

  • Non Accredited
  • Internet and Computer Course for 50+
  • All abilities welcome, including beginners.
  • Non accredited
  • The programme can be tailored to meet an individual’s/organisation’s circumstances
  • Non accredited
  • This is a two-day course where you will be taught how to use a computer from the very basics. We start with learning about computer parts and key input devices then continue with common computer terminology and features. You will then learn how to use email software and compose emails.
  • Non accredited
  • A course to help you develop your P.A Minute taking.
  • Non accredited

This exciting one day course offers trainees the opportunity to explore and develop key skills needed for running a successful event. Whether it’s a fundraising event, business networking, or you’re looking to expand on your qualifications and learn some new skills, our Manage Events course will teach you everything you need to know about planning, running and following up on events. Learners will consider the organisational aims of the event, and the flexibilities and constraints of their allocated budget. They will evaluate different project management techniques and analyse models of contingency and crisis management, before exploring methods available for attracting potential attendees.

By the end of the course learners will be able to demonstrate their understanding of how to assess an event for its impact on an organisation’s stakeholders, and how to consider resources required, location, technical facilities, how to lay out the event, and health and safety implications. They will learn how to develop an event plan, make formal agreements with suppliers, and how to process access, security and pricing. They will understand how to remain within budget, how to adhere to legal and ethical requirements, and finally how to measure the success of their event and follow up necessary post-event leads in order to fully optimise the potential for their organisation.

For a free Business Needs Analysis please get in touch. This course can be fully optimised to suit your needs.


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