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Managing Director

I set up Optimum Training in 2015 as Managing Director and Company Secretary. I have a wealth of experience from a wide range of senior management roles, including human resources, travel industry management, public relations, business development, charity management and business start-ups.

I am also Chief Executive Officer of Learning Links (Southern) Limited, and Managing Director or Edu Care Recycling UK, a community interest company.

Training is a valuable tool to move people from where they are to where they want to be, which benefits both the individual and the employer. Training is the foundation at the core of any business and has limitless benefits to empower the individual to achieve, both for themselves and for the organisation.


Paul has over 17 years experience within the recruitment profession, notably recruiting within the education sector for many years.

In addition he has held a directorship for an education company providing resources and courses to schools. Some courses being written on behalf of corporate sponsors.

Calling on an extensive knowledge he is well equipped to tailor make your training solutions that can be delivered externally or in-house.


I have lived and worked in Portsmouth for the past sixteen years. Having gained an honours degree in Manufacturing Engineering Management from the University of Bath, I started working in the telecommunications industry in 1997, and am currently working as the project manager for a major US telecommunications corporation.

I joined the board of Portsmouth Arts and Community Education (PACE) in 2006, and following the merger of PACE with Learning Links in 2007, I remained as the sole PACE board member to be a trustee at Learning Links UK Limited.

I originally joined PACE to help support the then management team and board and board to provide community arts projects and arts/new media based education within Portsmouth.

Apart from work and my role at Learning Links, I spend my time with my partner and family, as well as enjoying photography, digital media and website development, alongside local arts/music events.

I have worked in the lifelong learning and employability sectors for 30 years, particularly for the local authority on employability projects. Learning new skills and gaining knowledge is key to new opportunities and increasing an individual’s network. I strongly believe everyone should take every opportunity for training in the workplace or leisure time – you never know how your life could change as a result. It will help you become the best person you can be, help a business to be sustainable and prosper, and increase the economic prosperity of our region.

Learning and personal development has been powerful for the progression of my own career and was life-changing. I gained an MSc in Combined Studies at the University of Portsmouth Partnership Programme in my mid 50s, and now support charities and not for profit enterprises that open up opportunities for individuals. I hold a Teaching Diploma and an RSA Counselling Skills in the Development of Learning, Assessor Award. I am a volunteer trustee for Learning Links (Southern) Ltd and am a director of two community interest companies.

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